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Who is Fibroid Queen?

Whether you are looking to eliminate the root of fibroids for long-term results or you’re looking to get back in shape, I can help you make lasting changes that will truly improve your quality of life. I would love to be your coach, If you are in need of the following:

  • Eliminate fibroids and symptoms

  • Management of high blood pressure and diabetes

  • Hormonal fat loss

  • Fit for Fertility 

  • Sculpted physique

  • Emotional re-grounding coaching sessions

  • Diet education and cellular nutrition meal plans

  • Supplement and herb guidance

  • Womb wellness education

  • Doctors appointment support

Warrior Two
Womb Wellness Workouts ™

Ladies, let me tell y'all about the game changer that is womb wellness workouts! As the Fibroid Queen, I've exclusively designed these workouts for our womb wellness programs. Picture this: less heavy bleeding, no more pain, and a stronger pelvic floor! Click below to get started on your fibroid elimination path.


Info Session

Get backstage access to get details about the Womb Wellness Workshop and get empowering information from other warriors who are getting results. Next step after this is to attend a womb wellness workshop. Click below for FAQ.

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Fit for fertility

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