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"Coach Phyllis" - Host
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Hey sis, we see you👀


Are you feeling like you've been stuck in a masculine energy overload lately?🤔


Work's been pulling all your energy in one direction, and frankly, the feminine side of you - the one that's all about nurturing, compassion, and gratitude - is taking a hit.


And don't even get us started on that bad breakup - we know it's been tough trying to move on and heal. It's time to prioritize some true pleasure, and we mean the good kind (wink wink). 😉


You deserve to express yourself without all that aggression or passivity, and we're here to help you do just that. Confidence? Yah, we're going to work on that too. 😇


You are thriving in your career, but in need of an internal spiritual womb makeover. 👀


Join us for a retreat that will leave you feeling replenished, renewed, and ready to recreate a new womb using some transformational practices.


If you are in the unique holistic program @fibroidqueen you’ll be able to take advantage of our discounted rate for the retreat.😇


Schedule a call and let's get started, Link in bio. Don’t miss out, it’s time for a new environment! We've got you, sis.💪🏾💕

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